Hey guys, this is going to be a guide on the basics of the game from level 1-30. Your school dictates the spells you get and other minor things. There is one more thing to stress – what on earth are Fire Elfs doing in the deck? It is a guide that will give you the knowledge of all the tools you will need on your quest to save Wizard City and the other worlds of the Spiral. I used an average pet – a bumble bee with double resist, double damage, feint card and death ward. That’s where fire elfs come into play. Used at max level for healing or supporting, slow progression solo school, (without pet help) doesn't get a hit all spell until level 58. Stitching gear is as important as choosing the right pieces. Some items are in two level categories because there is no item of that level. It kept going up and down without any progression, so I’ve decided to downrank back to 500. Buying Power Pip jewels from Jordo on Unicorn way is perfectly fine. Death - proclaimed as the best solo school because of lifesteal spells with decent all around stats. This will give you a really good chance to kill your opponent, especially if you follow up with a lower pip life attack. Deck Of the LotusDrops in MooShu, can sometimes be found at the Bazaar! Play fun Wizard games with collectible card magic, Wizard duels, and far off worlds that are safe for kids and fun for players of all ages! ... Ranked matching occurs thru a formula that takes a number of factors into account, including level, PvP Rank and currently available players. Most of wizard101 death spells are known to be attack and swap spells, There is 45 Death School Spells that you can train 19 of them with training points, craft 2 of them, get the other 24 spells from quests and farm for 1 spell. Slow early progression (without deerknight) but can survive and move fast with the help of traps and blades. Once you get into Avalon, try to get into crafting and get yourself a nice set of critical block boots. I have a Max myth and even I don't even know how to describe the school. This is a guide for the best gear for your wizard throughout the game, levels 1130. To the right, you can choose a tab that relates to a … Your email address will not be published. They are actually a key part of the build. For zero pips, it will remove an overtime from you. Which in the end makes them a glorified shield shredder class with alright stats when they could be an amazing fun class to mix and match minion teams if the AI for them were manually controlled. // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips Matches will be much tougher at that level  (you might, for example, face Grandmaster privates with full warlord gear) and you’ll need the best gear you can get. Something like Spell-Proof with damages and Infallible or pierce or even Sharp-Shot. Alternatives could be either zeus/senator gear from Mount Olympus or crowns gear in the form of the Life School hat and boots from the Professors Hoard pack. }); Do you have any tips we missed? On the other hand, having a mega or ultra pet just screams I am a Pro. Its a matter of preference and how much time you're willing to commit. Pack gear is useful but don't blow all your crowns on it if you are level 19 or close to the next decade in levels, because then the gear will be level 10 as opposed to level 20 for example. Level 30-60-Mount Olympus Not much other choice, this is the holy grail of early game gear and you get a wand that lasts you until at least level 90. This is your Wizard Player Guide for free to play, Members, and Crowns players in the game. Just my first part of my hopefully full W101 guide, thought I'd spend some time helping those who have questions and try to clear some stuff up for beginners. Even with monstrology minions just are not functional in the game past Lvl 50 when you would need them for harder fights. This is the wiki about Wizard 101. duelist ring, athame, and amulet for level 30. and the mount olympus wand (10% damage). If you have a better pet, by all means, use it. Oh yeah thanks for the remind, will add that. Definitely death. And allowed for some cool stun tricks. Once a few rounds have passed, it’s time to start slowly digging into the side deck for those extra stackable blades and fire elfs. At level 30 you can access Mount Olympus which drops the best gear for a long time. The game allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds. They made bosses stun immune which take away another gimmick myth should be good at. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Quests Once you pick your school, you'll begin your quest through the spiral which starts off with quests in Wizard City. I made a little guide/collage here https://imgur.com/a/KZr8o As you do quests, you get rings that serve to be enough, and the amulet that many people use for their first one is one that gives a more advance spell for their school or gives traps/blades. He loves Legendary PvP and is never afraid to try new and crazy things. I made a little guide/collage here https://imgur.com/a/KZr8o As you do quests, you get rings that serve to be enough, and the amulet that many people use for their first one is one that gives a more advance spell for their school or gives traps/blades. But before we start, we should make something clear. Hello everyone Jwhisp here and welcome to another video. If you accept all side quests, often times they have a common goal with one of the main quests which allows you to get free XP practically if you allot time to turn it in. Personally, I never used the Monstrous card fro… Here are the commonly thought best fire-only gear for levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40. It’s bit harder to use from second, but that’s where multiple copies come into play. 1 year ago it’s mostly pvp gear. Cowl Of Tribulation (800 rank) The deck is pretty straight-forward. This gives us the extra time we need. If you have jewels you can use them, but it’s not necessary to fill all the sockets. This is often crucial because many players (including us) use this to win the PvP match. I’m a huge fan of Duelist’s gear and this guide isn’t an exception. Sprite 10 heals for 30 and 270 over 3 rounds 1 Spirit Armor 16 absorb 400 damage 3 Calm 15 reduce threat X Mortis Guidance +10% next accuracy to all group members 1 Temple Dweller End of Krokotopia Drain Health 25 sacrifice minion for 450 health 1 Croaky Regenerate heal for 52 plus 1101 over 3 rounds 5 My Re-generation Level 28 I took the challenge and neglected everything stated above. Magus is a pretty tough level range if you’re new in the arena. White pips are still very frequent, so getting rid of them is another bonus. posts. by ; January 16, 2021 1 Any Level 2 Level 5+ 3 Level 10+ 4 Level 15+ 5 Level 20+ 6 Level 25+ 7 Level 30+ 8 Level 35+ 9 Level 40+ 10 Level 45+ 11 Level 50+ 12 Level 60+ Hat: Robe: Boots: Pet: N/A Wand: Athame: Amulet: Amulet. For example if you’re facing a fire and don’t have triage in hand then it is pointless to start drawing until you find one. The story is simpe, you are a new wizard-in-training ready to start your studies in … Life spells wizard101. Toggle Navigation About Us; Services; Portfolio; Blog; Testimonials; Contact Us; wizard101 dungeons by level. With good analytical skills and a deep understanding about game mechanics, Jeremy is able to break down many tough and complicated situations. Training Points People don't invest your training points all into one specific school, many people train up to certain spells in many different schools. Thanks for the support guys. If you have a guide to post, please place it in the General PVP guides forum where they will be sorted and moved. It continues to receive frequent updates, and we're a vast and growing community. You will also get athames as you progress in storyline, you don't have to worry about socketing things unless you know you are going to have it for a while. Note: It shouldn't be necessary to manually add categories to pages created using the Infobox Templates; the templates apply the appropriate categories automatically. Wizard101 is an MMO made by Kingsisle Entertainment that was started in 2005, and was released in 2008! Make sure to bring friends with you since this place is pretty tough to solo as a low level. If you think this could be useful for new players, please upvote so we don't have all of the same "What school?!?!" $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); Used as a hitter class at high levels, another solo-able school but can prove to be difficult because of low health and resistance. (Ie my myth has Swiftarrow's necklace which gives 2 myth traps). This page currently needs editing for best fire gear to the max level. I often see people asking questions about what school to choose, what gear to use, as well as other common questions from beginners. If they don’t triage it right away, they’ll receive the full damage from spiny the next round. Fire can solo as easily as Storm or ice. Finish all the starter quests. Wizard101 Mount Olympus Gears 30th Fire Sky Heaven Gear Train. I would only recommend doing the 2 part dungeon twice each in order to get the full xp and if you are lucky, your school's gear. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Can be difficult at lower levels due to low accuracy spells and excessive fizzles. On each of the dungeons I put a link to the gear page and what to go for in your school. Doing KI trivia for only 4 days will be enough to make you look like a try hard…just scope out some Grand matches and see what the Warlords are wearing . More often Spiny because it’s hard to use Gnomes from second. (Ie my myth has Swiftarrow's necklace which gives 2 myth traps). I’ve reached around 1,1k rank with my Magus Death before it started to ping-pong in 4th age. death spells wizard101. Having an extra copy allows us to fail to predict – it gives us some room for mistakes because we can try again next turn. During the dungeon quest, you’ll receive a new wand – the Sky Iron Hasta. Magus is a pretty tough level range if you’re new in the arena. Ice School PvP Guides - Wizard101 Forum and Wizard101 Fansite Remember Me? Storm is iffy because they're glass cannons, but later on I suppose. With tri-hit cards or random based hits, Balance has universal blades and traps. For 585 gold your level 5 wizard can buy the helm, robe, and boots shown here from the Bazaar. Since we don’t have a mastery amulet and need to stack blades to kill, we have limited options to kill enemy minions. D&D Beyond Your email address will not be published. If it’s Ancient or Epic (in that case make sure that every talent is a good one!) For clarification, this guide is not intended to include items that a level 130 wizard cannot use, hence the title of the guide. They trigger cheats and their AI is terrible. Ice - school with defensive type spells, a diverse set of spells and specific purpose at high levels like tanking and shielding. Do anything to make yourself look like a grand. Myth - most strange school in Spiral, with a main focus on summoning minions and weird gimmicks, one of the least played classes with medium all around stats but higher accuracy. It’s swarmed with Lore spells, Gargantuan enchants, perfect pets, and commander gear regardless of the actual rank of the player. Which is basically an epic pet because of two pretty much useless talents, but does give you one luminous weaver! Surprisingly, basic strategy is more defensive than I thought it would be. Let us know in the comments below. The extra 6% accuracy means a lot, since duelist gear is lacking a bit here and you will need the accuracy for those elfves and weaknesses. You will need to grind tournaments for the tickets – but that’s the price we have to pay for not having anything else. 20:37. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Fire - school with hard hitting spells, medium-low accuracy and medium low health. Hard early levels cause of the fizzle . Once you meet these requirements, talk to Eloise in the Commons to begin the quest that allows you to socket jewels. To get an article, image or subcategory to show up here, append [[Category:Level 30+ Balance School Hats]] to the bottom of the article, image or subcategory page.. There are some alternatives that might work, but I didn’t test them out and can’t talk about their efficiency. Usually I play really aggressively when running a glass cannon wizard, but the life school simply doesn’t have proper tools for that. or "What gear should a 40 ice wizard be using?" L30-Fire-Ares-Charred-Spear. Good job! This can be hard, since we don’t have much resist. I feel myth is on my list of things in the game that need an overhaul to be cool right alongside dispels and beguile. Recently I have decided to not be lazy and upload. Another class with medium solo potential because of decent all around stats. Crowns Gear Let me preface this section with this stuff isn't needed, it's only really useful at max level and even then it isn't super necessary. Storm - school with hardest hitting spells, low accuracy and low health but with extremely high damage. Almost all of the time this gear can be gained through the bazaar in Olde Town, until level 25 where you will go through the Pagoda of Harmony which drops the best gear for that level. real simple, but good guide! Wizard101 Balance School Tips and Tricks by winicott1001 There was a great deal of information floating around the forum that was helpful to the Balance wizard. Within you will find a tough challenge that could potentially reap great rewards – defeating Zeus Sky Father! Help save Wizard City in Wizard101, a free to play MMO Wizards game. Digging in your side deck of course depends on the flow of the battle – don’t take a few rounds as a rule. Here are the commonly thought best Myth-only gear for levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50. Square and circle jewels aren’t really needed. I've played this game for 9 years and while I don't know everything, I have a decent sense of what to do in the game. People play differently vs badly geared than vs properly geared Grands as well. MOST OF Wizard101 life spells ARE KNOWN TO BE Healing SPELLS as life is school is always about healing and supporting, THERE IS 51 life SCHOOL SPELLS THAT YOU CAN TRAIN 19 OF THEM WITH TRAINING POINTS, CRAFT 3 OF THEM, GET THE OTHER 27 SPELLS FROM QUESTS AND FARM FOR 2 SPELLS. You can replace the Amulet if you find another one that suits you better. It’s swarmed with Lore spells, Gargantuan enchants, perfect pets, and commander gear regardless of the actual rank of the player. Here is a guide to help you understand your options and help your level 5 wizard be the best it can be. Check out this piece to learn how to make the most of your runs in the Team-Up Kiosk! Fill tear sockets with extra health and triangle sockets with extra Power Pip chance or some kind of card. If you have some Circle damage or Square defense jewels then go ahead and use them, otherwise don’t stress about it. The level 30 dungeon, Mount Olympus, will be your first big challenge and best early destination for gear. We have a lot of health, but this can be chewed up pretty quickly without resist to back it up. commander hat, robe, boots. Some items are in two level categories because there is no item of that level. His first school was Death and it has remained his favourite throughout the years. Sorry for lack of content, I let it catch up to me. - Duration: 20:37. Life - healer school with high health, high accuracy spells with medium-low damage. While other gear is good, it’s no match for Commander gear. Would a Death/Storm wizard be good for solo? Before proceeding with trying to increase your level, finish every … Myth is a school that gets no love from KI really. Still, if you can, get your pet to at least Mega. I highly suggest buying full commander gear as soon as you hit 800 rank. ..or a noob, depending on the level of your pet. :) Just trying to be a help! https://finalbastion.com/wizard101-guides/w101-farming-guides/farming-etiquette-101/. Triage is a vital spell for us. It’s a really powerful spell that we get at level 35 from the Grizzleheim spell quest. Time to check out the Level 30 Aquila Dropped Gear from Mount Olympus including Senator and Zeus gear sets and the amazing Sky Iron Hasta rewarded from this dungeon! Since Spiny is front loaded, you’ll get forced to hit through a shield sometimes, relying on the overtime to finish the opponent. Youtube is really full of videos on how to level up on wizard101 that are straight up fake, so I thought why not actually help y'all out. 700 Arena Tickets, Duelist’s Cloaked Doublet4000 Arena Tickets, Coat Of Invincibility (800 rank)1000 Arena Tickets, Footgear Of The Indomitable (800 rank)500 Arena Tickets, Duelist’s Virtuoso Talisman3000 Arena Tickets, Duelist’s Daredevil Ring2000 Arena Tickets. If you're willing to sacrifice some crowns, one essential buy is HeartSteel in the shop for 260 crowns which many people use for 50+ levels because of its great defense (once you out level it, you can pass it onto a lower level character too). It will be updated as I'm available with new items that fall into this level range. Some items are in two level categories because there is no item of that level. There are currently 16 articles. Crowns pets and mounts, dont buy a 15$ pet, find someone with the pet and hatch with them for the look, mounts aren't needed because you can buy 40% mounts for gold, you'd only be buying for the look or the extra 10% speed. Gear Throughout level 1-20-ish, the Gear that you should be is whatever gives you the most damage for your specific school or has the best stats. Wizard101 Grandmaster Myth PvP: Level 30 with 80 RESIST?!!! Feint is a hard spell to use and Death-Ward… well death doesn’t pose much of a threat anyway. That’s where stun comes into play. You’re going to start with full duelist gear and switch to commander hat, robe and boots once you reach 800 rank. Let me preface these by saying, school is a matter of preference, some are better for PVE than others while some strive in PVP. Here are the commonly thought best death-only gear for levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 56, and 60. You should stick with the Sky Iron hasta for at least level 50+ because the damage is immensely beneficial and it gives the power pip. People play differently vs Magus than vs Grands – we must use that to our advantage. This school has the most health often times with some of the least damage (gear based) With high accuracy and lower damage attacks, ice can solo but may have problems with speedy progression. Making them think you’re a higher level will make them play more slowly and more carefully. I’d suggest using an offensive pet. Welcome to Wizard101 guide Wiki. Similar to storm in the hitter sense with low health and resistance. Lets start off with picking your school, this will be the most important decision that you will make throughout your time playing this game. In fact, based on health you’ll appear as a Grandmaster – make sure you’ll look like one! Press J to jump to the feed. MLHagan, SMlayne and I determined that it may be helpful to have all of this info brought together to one place. hopefully central will finish their beginners guide this year, it was looking real promising until the creator got busy, Don’t forget about storms accuracy. I will present the result below: getting warlord without the help of any of it (Monstrous enchants are fair game, since they’re easily accessible). Don’t hesitate to discard heavily – that’s why you have more copies in your deck. We touched on how to play already in previous paragraphs, but let’s upgrade our current knowledge. W101 Mount Olympus Gear Guide - Final Bastion. then stitch to some Celestial gear. Start by establishing defense – shield up, call a minion and start weaknessing… Throw in offensive tools as well (blades, infections). Originally from the .uk server, Jeremy migrated to .us, seeking new challenges. If you are solo, Id recommend death up to feint first so that you can feint the boss and then hit normally with hopes of killing. Other spells worth training include the Spirit/Elemental blade for your school set, ice to tower shield and if you have a life mastery amulet then Life to Satyr can be beneficial. To use the socketing system in Wizard101, you must be at least level 15 and you must have completed the Wizard City crafting quest from Eudora Tangletree. You can try it if you have Weaver or Lore, but with this set up, we need some more time. Today i'm coming at you guys with some more level 10 ice pvp. Your main hitting spells are Gnomes or Spiny. Create your own Wizard and embark on your Wizard school adventure. Required fields are marked *, Our new author, James Nightwraith goes over some tips for farming etiquette in @Wizard101 . The myth school has decent solo potential because of access to minions. and of course a triple damage double resist pet Do not add any text or images directly to this page.. Please do not add any text or images directly to this page. Wizard101 is a free online game that is safe for kids and fun for players of all ages. Weakness or a blade sounds like a good option, but you don’t need to stress out with farming for them. wizard101 all life spells from trainers Balance - school often used as an all around support, with diverse support, hit and healer cards. AwesomeTheSauce 24,765 views. If you took the time to read thank you, and good luck. Note: Please do not add categories to pages with Infobox Templates, the template will do it for you.. To add an article, image or category to this category, append [[Category:Level 25+ Items]] to the end of that page.

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