Stay away from First Data. One very positive thing about First Data payment processing is that the company employs a full-time, in-house sales team, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with independent sales agents if you contact the company directly. Please refer to our Advertising Disclosure to learn more about how we earn compensation from affiliate partnerships and how we maintain our independent editorial integrity. My suggestion to those who are seeking a merchant steer clear from First Data. And now they been after me for money everyday saying that I signed a 3 yrs contract with them! They barely help you on the phone. For a small business, this can be make or break.Another round of phone support with an improved English speaker confirmed the “new” software was obsolete and incompatible before it was even sold to me.I called customer service a final time to ask for at least a partial refund, but they said they didn’t know how to do that. From Canada, First Data combined with Pivotal Payments and you have to pay 2 separate cancellation fees… Tom i dunno how you can say this is site has the lowest negative feedback for First Data… But it is pretty bad my friend… EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM FIRST DATA!!! Your email address will not be published. However it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a pass through charge and something they may might make up. Helps make us seem a little more modern than we actually are! I wish a responsible government body would put the brakes on the unscrupulous business practices of this company and Global Leasing. At this point, the same day she signed the contract, he answered all my questions almost instantly. Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t any mention of the company being the least expensive option for merchant services. 1. My company has been stayed with First Data via Bank Of America merchant service. I hadn’t had a card machine before and needed one to open up after lockdown so it was a particularly stressful time … Unfortunately, Client Success Stories is no longer available on the new Fiserv website. Find Reviews, Ratings, Directions, Business Hours, Contact Information and book online appointment. It has been over 6 years since I’ve signed anything in regards to doing business with them and yet somehow even though there has been no charges ran through that machine I’m still under contract? If the rep was able to cancel on your behalf you can imagine the confusion and chaos that would take place as hundreds of reps are cancelling services for merchants. I been trying for almost a month to get the charges reversed Again the run around no one seems to know why I was charged even though ai trced it back to them My advice is stay away from them if posdible No I have a $150 clover go reader that is useless because it is a first data product. Remember, First Data has over 3,000 independent resellers, and they all have to switch over their websites, documentation, and contracts to reflect the new brand name. It takes about 20 to 30 seconds with the FD130 terminal where swipe took 3 seconds. Low interchange-plus rates available to high-volume businesses 3. Many — perhaps even the majority — of the complaints on both the Ripoff Report and the BBB are directed at one or more of First Data’s resellers and not the company itself. Insurance premiums are high. Pros: Good customer service with knowledgeable staff; Everything is handled inhouse We never received any equipment, yet there charged us $ 594.00 for a terminal. Thanks. The downside is training is for about 2 months in a classroom setting. Its terms can — and usually do — vary from what you’d receive from a reseller. In the past three years, it’s received 795 complaints. She never did. Since we don’t accept credit cards directly from clients there is no need for equipment. Top Reads. Overall satisfaction rating 5 stars: 4 stars: 3 stars: 2 stars: 1 stars: Description: Home Electronics - Designers. Pay is great, watch out for claw backs. Once your contract is up they still continue to charge you fees. Since then, I have been trying to get in contact with the “risk management team” at First Data without any success. Full of hidden charges. I miss this place. That happens once the application is approved.” However, the contract says that it is the whole total of their agreement. They prey on small businesses that perhaps do not have the education or are able to have a lawyer on call. First Data Merchant Services is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau. I advised him I will not be able to make the payment especially a higher one that accumulated over three months. They sicked collections on me sending letter after letter without giving the cancellation fee. First Data Review Verdict: First Data, now known as Fiserv following a merger, has built itself into one of the biggest names in credit card processing. Also, be sure to close your account with the First Data Leasing side as well as your main account as they do not communicate and continue to charge you fees for the terminal. Our office was experiencing difficulty in tracking POS payments in monthly bank statements making account reconciliation with our general ledger more difficult than believed necessary. Hey Tom, I know you love Dharma so much, just so you know, they’re an ISO of FirstData…. Thank you for the correction. They have no regards for SME! Heartland Payment systems a much better option- better rates – I will be closing my Bank of America accounts ( 20+ year customer) for getting me involved with this POS company. Minimum charges not fully disclosed and far higher than we could possible use. When the patch could not be applied, First Data told me I had to pay again for a new version of the software. I told her I would call back by 3:00 if it still was not up. Now they want me to buy them out , First Data said ” the contract never ends ! Their inability to provide a machine that could function on a digital phone line is just an example of how inept and unwilling they were to do their job correctly. I think I know where the fault may lie! Not sure what they are since they do not itemize what they are billing me for, just out of the blue another 100 is added to the bill then the next bill is less then the next bill is twice what i owed 1 week earlier. However, we believed we had read the contract, and that that line was in it. Are they likely to make it up on Billback? I think we should send a certified letter to First Data at the address in the BBB’s report. Flexible schedules for those who like to work a lot or those who want a part time little opportunity for growth. Many phone calls later I found out it was something in the set-up of the terminal itself (that First Data helped me set up) that was the problem. Worst company I ever deal with! People were crying, your heart would race every time a manager came close to your desk, and they had police officers outside which put everyone on edge. Promised follow-up actions fail to happen, forcing merchants to spend hours on hold and repeatedly contacting the company to report a problem that often never gets fixed. I bought the new software from them and found it still had to be patched. They are completely dishonest and Class Action Lawsuits should be launched to put their backs to the wall. They do not any compassion for small businesses. Filter 4 vetted First Data - ICICI Merchant Services reviews and ratings. No credit card required. It is so unfair. The job had challenges but I never felt stress. Where should I take this complaint to in order to protect other American businesses from such kind of fraudulent banking entities? We were unable to cancel it because termination fees is like $1,800. Did you get a hold of Mark Tilman to get back to me I only want 1 credit card processing company not two he did not cancel me with the other company. There is no way to fix your problems with this company & their bills are shown on your credit report. a pieces of the same The bank was founded in 1971, and today owns more than 45% of the card payment processing market in the USA, with additional branches and subsidiaries in the UK, Europe, and India. The other way is to sign up with one of the many Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) that resell First Data credit card processing and use the company for back-end infrastructure. Still, I do agree that they are barely a four-star processor at this point and could easily slide down the scale during our next update. I’m mad. 3.5. THEY ARE THIEVES STAY AWAY FROM THEM' They stopped all money coming through to us altogether holding £50,000 from (previous income) in total. We weren’t have with what they supplied so we cancelled within 48 hours and returned the terminal. I just spent an hour on the phone with First Data trying to see if I could use the AMEX number they gave me for my ecommerce site as well as my storefront location. 3. Lots of features it was supposed to have but didn’t because my account was on some other system of theirs (but couldn’t be moved). First Data was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 04, 2011 and since then this brand received 353 reviews. Ask a Question. We love First Data's predictable pricing and excellent service. Original review: Dec. 10, 2020 First Data is a nightmare. Let them know you switched bank accounts and figure out a way to get lower rates. I was then told that the only way to reverse the over priced merchant fees was to dispute the fees for June. Haven’t run a credit card through the service in months, and am suddenly notified that my business bank account is in overdraft. We attribute the decrease in the number of complaints primarily to the Fiserv/First Data merger and the resultant confusion among merchants about which company to file their complaint against. I read all the fine print and it stated the fees and rental kick in after I accept and process first transaction. Do not use them as they will not return phone calls or emails. You are never going anywhere trying to resolve an issue over the phone. That is more than $1500 for this piece of crap!!! This is because they don’t want to pay off your fee and they have you cancel service immediately after. as well as charging me sales tax every billing as though I had bought something from them which is totally illegal. Debit cards can be processed through the credit networks or debit networks. This happened again and again. My company has been running for 2 years but somehow First Data said it was a risky company( i sell clothes btw) and that they would hold each payment for 14 calender days and then it would take 3-5 days to get to me so basically most times i would wait about 20 days(3 weeks) to get my money. He replied, “On the back end” means that her portfolio is updated via my support team. So watch out ! they just hit with Fee after Fee it is so sad they laying to customers. If you never used the account, they should be willing to cancel it without charge. How is the pay rate for sales support specialist and how are the benefits. THAT ‘S THE WORST COMPANY FIRST DATA ,I really regret to go with them . Unfortunately, my loss was less than $100, as I am betting most other losses are. Customer service is not helpful. We think it would be very dangerous to rely on his statement that he will modify the provisions. !I’ve spent over 5 hours on 12 different phone calls trying to get the unauthorized charges returned to my corp checking account…. Do not go to them it’s cheaper with square or others when you are selling. You now have my email address. Not to mention all of the other fees they tack on. Turns out the new software was defective and unusable because it didn’t support their own ssl protocol. They wanted to charge me an early cancellation fee. please don’t sign any contract with them. The tremendous variability in First Data credit card processing fees makes it all but impossible to list them all. Finally, I got annoyed and asked for another solution. when you bank approaches to get a credit card machine’ “please do not support First data. Easily find PPP/SBA loans alongside other financing options. All company reviews contributed anonymously by employees. Reviews from First Data employees about First Data culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. This company has been terrible to do business with, nothing but headaches from the start. If you don't mind putting your personal morals,values and ethics on hold to receive a paycheck, apply. I signed a month to month agreement and no closing fees were to be charged. And always had some kind problem unless i reset. Both accounts have now been closed and we will never be doing business with them again (thankfully). Within two months, they’d debited my account for almost another $1,000. They have crazy undisclosed fees and once they get access to your account you can kiss your money goodbye. By the way Jackie is no longer with First Data. I took a pay cut going there but was okay with it because I no longer had to work weekends and I started at 9:30 am which gave me time to go to my OB appointments before work.

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