Fine! Kageyama and Oikawa fighting for the ball. ", "The chance to let your talent truly blossom, perhaps it's today. Near the end of the set with Karasuno one point ahead, Iwaizumi noticed Oikawa looked incredibly focused before his next serve. Anime Despite that, he still takes time off on Mondays for rest. For unknown reasons, he wears a white kneepad on his right leg, contrasting with the black one worn on his left and by the other players in the series. Oikawa still sees that their new attack was born out of a fluke and is determined to stop them from further perfecting it. In the match against Oomisaki High, Oikawa is seen getting numerous service aces. Likes In the Anime Post-timeskip Kanji Seeing that Kyōtani did not like being used a decoy but was still effective as one at the same time, Oikawa decided to use this to their advantage. High School Student (3rd Year, Class 6) - 2012 In official English media, Crunchyroll (anime) has his name written as 'Oikawa Toru' and VIZ Media (manga) has his name written as 'Tohru Oikawa'. Oikawa frequently smiles and grins (although Iwaizumi notes that these expressions are rarely genuine). You two were rolling around on the floor, Oikawa tickling you to death. There's probably no one in the prefecture who could match Tobio's toss.But he's not better than me at serving, blocking, or spiking", "That's why we have to break their receivers. Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High (Former) Aoba Johsai High Oikawa Tooru 4.8K ... "Damn you, Ushiwaka, can't you make a more frustrated sort of expression on that face of yours?" I'll call this, "Tobio is no match for Oikawa-san! Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. Once Yahaba was able to get Kyōtani to control himself, Oikawa was able to better use Kyōtani upon his return. When Yamaguchi was able to land a service ace, Oikawa expressed that he dislikes jump float serves because of their unpredictable nature. It would be during a time-out that Oikawa and the team came up with a plan to counter Sugawara's tactic and remove him from the game. Encontre (e salve!) It's so obvious it pisses me off. Oikawa • 114 Pins. Here you can find Haikyuu plus some other anime sprinkled in (occasionally). Stating that he has never regretted choosing Aoba Johsai over Shiratorizawa and warns Ushijima that he himself could be caught off guard by a flock of crows. She's still here. He said with a big smile on his face. Through this, he is able to build great pressure onto Karasuno by methodically shutting out attacks that will neutralize Asahi and Tanaka first and then nullify Hinata's decoy attempts. bri.guy • 52 Pins. He later felt guilty and showed remorse, and apologized to Kageyama. Oikawa. "S-shut up, Oikawa. Age Read hot and popular stories about oikawa on Wattpad. For the majority of the series, he was a third-year student at Aoba Johsai High, serving as the captain and setter for the school's volleyball team. If you're a Haikyuu fan, I also recommend you to watch my Haikyuu Epic Moments video. ", "Wait a minute, Hanamaki, don't say words like this, they make me sad! After Kageyama lands a setter dump and a time-out is called, Oikawa overhears Yahaba wish he had the same level of confidence that Kageyama possesses and recalls a moment when he spoke to an acquaintance of Coach Irihata's. Because no matter how amazing his tosses are, if the ball doesn't get to the setter, it's all for nothing. This is one of the main reasons he pushes himself so hard. Oikawa confidently accepts but finds himself struggling with the sand and wind, much to Hinata's amusement. They also notice how the Seijoh team has complete faith in Oikawa as a captain when they witness their change in behavior when Oikawa says he trusts them to play their best during the match. After covering his own head and warning Kindaichi to do the same in preparation, Oikawa unleashed his most powerful serve yet and left all of Karasuno speechless at the speed and power. "Well, that's 'cuz regardless of who wins I'll get to see first hand the faces of the losers." your own Pins on Pinterest Ace attorney. While Kyōtani didn't seem to take Oikawa serious, he quickly obeyed Iwaizumi's warnings which annoyed Oikawa. ", "I don't have time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. It's the first time I've received this." ", "Damn you, Ushiwaka, can't you make a more frustrated sort of expression on that face of yours? He is seen once more when he is watching Karasuno play against Kamomedai High when Hinata is being removed from the game due to his illness. This, however, is not without years of dedication and practices. Within a short span of time on the court, he was able to point out that Tsukishima and Hinata were weak at receiving, and break Kageyama and Hinata's god-like quick. During a practice match with Karasuno High,[1] Oikawa dons a green #13 sports bib on top of an aqua t-shirt. I'll also take request of any anime character you want to see and I'll try my best to find some quotes. When Yamaguchi was subbed into the game, Oikawa noticed how different the pinch server seemed since he was last on the court. It makes your captain sad. ", "He's definitely some kind of monster. "So what if I am?" We will. Despite his best effort and being in place, Oikawa was not able to dig Hinata's block-out against Kindaichi's hand. Before leaving Brazil, Oikawa addresses Hinata by his first name and promises that he would defeat Hinata if they ever face-off in a match. Despite not being considered a "genius", Oikawa is a stunning player and one of the best all-around players in the prefecture. He then refers to setters as conductors because they are the ones who control plays and Sugawara adds that Karasuno actually does not know much about Oikawa as a setter. In the Manga 及川 徹 "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This was still very sad (╥﹏╥). Oikawa is of decent height for a volleyball player, standing just over six feet. Volleyball Milk bread Teams Pre-timeskip Oikawa frowned. After high school, Oikawa became a professional volleyball player for the Club Atlético San Juan, a professional team in the Argentine Volleyball Federation where he plays as the setter. But if you yourself think that you don't have talent, then you'll probably never have it. #bleach Teams "Fine! Unlike Kageyama's genius setting technique, Oikawa's talent lies in his natural athletic ability, his skill to make full use of his teammates, finding weaknesses in the opposing teams, sharp aims, and powerful serves. ", "Talent is something you make bloom, Instinct is something you polish. Oikawa also, holds a grudge against Kageyama, whom he mockingly calls Tobio-chan. Oct 29, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by A Knife In The Ocean. She's everywhere. Daisuke Namikawa Another trademark expression of his is sticking out his tongue while smiling and closing one eye. After Kindaichi hesitated during a quick attack, Oikawa assured the first year that he didn't need to be afraid of Kyōtani and pointed out that Hinata had noticed his hesitation which told him that Kindaichi wouldn't be the one getting the set. Oikawa took the chance to have his nephew take a picture of the encounter before agreeing to listen to Kageyama's situation of Hinata wanting to change the quick attack. July 20, 1994 They came in second to Shiratorizawa in the results, and it was there that Oikawa received the Best Setter Award. Oikawa receiving the "Best Setter Award" in his 3rd year at Kitagawa Junior High. The ace player of the Argentina team had been having trouble in the game until the coach switched the setters. In the Japanese sub Hinata calls Oikawa "大王様. Oikawa is supportive of Hinata wanting to change the attack and points out how the middle blocker is actually the one in control of the attack and not Kageyama. Oikawa Tooru. When leaving a Lil' Tykes Volleyball class with his nephew, Takeru, Oikawa runs into Kageyama. From having watched during his warm-ups, he was able to tell that Hinata and Tsukishima were not strong when it comes to receiving and would therefore be the weaker players to target. Gender During the team pep-talk, Oikawa would openly admit that Karasuno is a strong team and would attempt to tell his teammates that he trusts them only for his fellow third years to first announce their faith in him as their captain. Occupation In his final tournament of junior high, he and his team faced the Shiratorizawa team and won a set for the first time.