With the final opening of the Great Seal at hand, the Turborangers storm Boma Castle to face Neo-Lagorn and bring an end to the Boma threat while the fate of a tortured soulis finally determined. I watched the conflicts in the first episode and was like "Gurl gurl gurl", "Gurl? Your email address will not be published. Eun-jae wakes up with a start, breathing hard and drenched in sweat. It’s a new day, but nothing much has changed for Eun-jae. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; A radio host narrates that it’s March 1, the start of a new school year and new beginnings. Online drama Age Of Youth Episode 1, English Subtitle drama Age Of Youth Epi 1 Eng Sub, Wach live drama Age Of Youth Ep 1 Eng Sub, Full hq Drama 青春時代 第1集 , 青春時代 第1集 drama Dailymotion, Online drama Age Of Youth Ep 1 Eng Sub Live Now Especially your eatables are in constant danger if you cannot lock them up (which you cannot if they have to be in the fridge). Ye-eun once weighed 63 kilos (almost 139 pounds). cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Wait, what? }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. Hwarang) is a South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon, Go A-ra and Park Hyung-sik. Eun-jae recaps what’s been spilled so far: Yi-na’s seeing two different guys, and she’s had work done on her eyes but not her chest. Like there’s more to the story. She wonders why Eun-jae’s not home yet, and Yi-na calls her out for taking advantage of Eun-jae, who she calls “Eun-soon” — a play on Eun-jae’s name using the word for “unsophisticated.” Yi-na and Ye-eun gossip about Eun-jae’s naivety, wondering if all girls from outside the city are like her. Out loud, Eun-jae tells her housemates her secret is that she started drinking as a high school freshman. My love for them went from 20-30 to 80-90 haha! Age of Rebellion is a dark drama which explores the lives of teenagers at the bottom of the social chain; issues of emotional vulnerability, poverty, and violence. Eun-jae stammers out an apology for bothering her when her phone rings loudly. Eun-jae’s jaw drops (haha, Ji-won tells Eun-jae to use protection), but Yi-na and Ye-eun’s reactions seem… fishy. Even in Europe, my "white bread" friends always cleared out the food that I brought in minutes. Female friendships are fun and frustrating. She reminds me of some of my crazy high school friends. I admit that I am an idiot for doing that and I probably give them the impression that I am a moron, but I am always aware of the rules they break and how two-faced they are. I find it boring. The characters are interesting, sometimes frustrating and unlikeable, but in a way that makes them realistic human beings. But specifically, Eun-jae's situation, her outburst sobbing and confronting her roommates make me love and commiserate with her so much. I simply liked Age of Youth (1) better. whenever she's on, I can't look at anyone else. Age of Youth 2 (Korean Drama - 2017) - 청춘시대2, aka Generation of Youth 2, Hello, My Twenties 2, 춘시대 2, 청춘시대 2, find Age of Youth 2 (청춘시대2) cast, characters, staff, actors, ... Lee You-jin to play young So Ji-sub in "Be with You" 2017/08/31, Source She imagines doing just that and delivering snappy comebacks to her roommates, and I like this version of Eun-jae way better. He takes a seat in front of her; after a beat, he turns back around and asks Eun-jae her name. Ye-eun and Yi-na exchanges glances, and Ye-eun vaguely says that the dancer was a former housemate who lived in Eun-jae’s room. Comments. Hats off to you for making this decision. Billy Morgan. I had a flash to "Cheese in the trap" and I remembered as I hated it. FB.init({ The student ends up taking Ye-eun’s stuff to the front desk to complain about the saved seat, shooting annoyed looks at Eun-jae the whole time. IMO ROY has one of the most realistic plots, shows how a relationship really is, it's not always rosy and love is not enough to keep two people together. Tepat setelah satu tahun setelah musim 1 dari “Age of Youth” Jin-Myung (Han Ye-Ri) berhasil menemukan pekerjaan setelah dia kembali dari China. 2 Episode 1; Youth Age 2 Episode 1; Chungchoonshidae 2; Five girls in their 20s share a house called Belle Époque. It deserves every single bit of praise, and will remain in my heart as something beautiful and sensational. Boys Love Series. I feel like the first episode should have been more spread out in regard to giving equal time to all the girls and their stories, so we could get a sense of where each one was coming from. Overall, the look and feel of the show, from the lighting and camera angles to the sparse background music, are pretty understated, matching the more thoughtful and pensive tone of the story. Think this Eun-jae-centric 1st ep premise was well suited as EJ was the one entering a "new world" - where she was moving in w/ 4 other girls who already knew each other. I'm not exactly happy with the plot since I thought it'll focus more on the comedy. Ye-eun throws her laundry in with Eun-jae’s load in the washer, promising to hang the clothes up to dry. Eun-jae throws up in the bathroom, and when she comes out, she sees the dancer who used to live in her room at the next sink. When they first announced this drama I was pretty sure it would be a rather superficial story that just talk about makeup, fashion, mens and popularity, BUT baaaang~~ I was REALLY impressed in the good way!! @Penelope: I'm so happy it worked out for you. Noting that Eun-jae must have waited a really long time to go, Ye-eun jokes that it must be a hobby of hers to hold things in until she explodes, heh. Park Hye Soo also looks like has a trauma from her childhood. 30:00 ... IZ*ONE Original TV Youth Drama Ep.5. It doesn’t get any easier for Eun-jae in the days that follow. I haven't watched it yet, but reading your recap of this episode also brings so many feels. Her housemates think she’s making a big deal over nothing, and Eun-jae pretty much gets steamrolled — by the end of the conversation, she’s back to looking at the ground and mumbling. Eun-jae finds her apartment and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. After weeks of people around me chatting in a language I didn't understand, cooking food I could not identify, and feeling more and more awkward and not fitting in, to the point of getting paranoid, I decided enough was enough. 28 Shows New Year Resolutions Curated by Viki. Jin-myung is eating lunch in the cafeteria when she sees the dancer who used to be her roommate. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. . We used to joke that somewhere there was a dorm of eleven Greeks, and one lone Korean. Description :Kun (Cai Xukun), a popular producer representative, Lisa, a member of Blackpink, Ella, a member of SHE, and Jony J, a rapper, join hands to form teams. The Girls (From Left to Right) Sending you courage from afar. Considering the premise of the show — the everyday trials and tribulations of five roommates navigating college life — I was looking forward to something more on the cheery, funny side, but instead, I was surprised at how melancholy the first episode felt as a whole. Anyway I am happy that their problems were sorted out in the first episode, I am glad they didn't drag it out. 24 : Download Age Of Youth (2016) Sub Indonesia Complete – Korea Chingu Says: March 3rd, 2018 at 12:45 am Yoo Eun Jae (Park Hye Soo) adalah pemalu, tapi … Yi-na tells Eun-jae to start now, but Eun-jae can’t bring herself to say anything. Dropping her speech to banmal, Eun-jae asks Ye-eun if she thinks Eun-jae’s a joke. She thinks to herself that even if it’s hard, she needs to stand up for herself. She explores her new place, noting the multiples of coffee cups, toiletries, and slippers in the shared spaces of the apartment. She thinks to herself that everyone’s human, just like her, and they’re just as anxious, and as kind, as she is. I also do appreciate that Eun-jae’s not as wide-eyed and innocent as she first came off, as it makes her more interesting as a character — but I don’t think we need to go down the path of making her an actual murderer… right? Boy, Eun-jae’s really set on getting an answer to this question, isn’t she? In class, Jong-yeol comes over to Eun-jae and returns her yellow pen. it can be a little cliche and obvious at times (with writing and directing), but I love the bonding moments between the girls. She closes her eyes for a moment, then finally speaks up, telling the guy next to her that his bag is hitting her. Lies, girlfriends, and growing pains in JTBC’s Age of Youth, Five-way roommate lineup assembles for JTBC’s Age of Youth, Park Eun-bin, Park Hye-soo up for JTBC’s Age of Youth, More potential roommates for JTBC’s Age of Youth, Han Ye-ri considering upbeat JTBC roommate drama Age of Youth, https://www.dramafever.com/es/drama/4939/Age_of_Youth/. as it turns out, she later finds out that she really isn't that much different from the girls in many ways. She says that sure, they’ll need to learn to live with some things, but they should also speak up if something is really bothersome. Ye-eun complains to her boyfriend about what a psycho Yi-na is, and shows him her bruises from the fight. She climbs up the stairs to the front door; a chic grandmotherly woman follows behind her and asks her who she is. Looking back, I guess it's not really about the food. I'm really curious of what those dream scenes were all about so show I will stick with you, you got me. In Youth Ep2 Eng Sub |Chinese Drama 2019 | In Youth Episode 2 Eng Sub Set one year after Age of Youth (Season 1). I was really looking forward to this, because slice of life, female centric shows are my favorite. I kind of love her. But this was super underwhelming. Eun-jae pulls out some tangerines to give to Jin-myung, but Jin-myung’s out the door again without a word. Eun-jae’s back in class, and she’s startled to see that another student has the same yellow pen she let her classmate borrow last time. So I can totally relate with the heroine and see where she's coming from. Once inside, Eun-jae heads up the stairs when the grandmother calls after her, telling her she might have a tough time. I watched this episode today and I loved it. I did not like. Ye-eun finds Eun-jae in the kitchen and eyes Eun-jae’s toast hungrily. I love, love, love this episode. Your comment took me back many years, cause I had a similar culture shock experience, though it worked pretty much in reverse for me. But the other three are truly clueless, each wondering what’s going on with Eun-jae. Thai4U Channel. I don't know why but I think I love this drama more than I expected it to be. appId : '127538621120543', xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page 1:52:02. Will continue with it as long as there are recaps. Ha, Eun-jae ends up surrendering her toast to Ye-eun, who raves about Eun-jae’s mother’s homemade jam and helps herself to more. I am eagerly waiting for the weekend! appId : '127538621120543', She tells Ye-eun she didn’t go to orientation. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; I just wish I had such courage like Eun-jae to stand up for myself and my culture, or at least to cry it out loud and not let those words sunk into my heart like I that. Well, that’s comforting. Liu Zi Guang (William Chan) returns to his hometown after an accident that has left him with no memory of the past eight years. That's not to say that Age of Youth 2 was bad. Inside, she finds a pair of pointe shoes that likely belonged to the dancer in the photo she found earlier, and examines them curiously. Loved park eun bin as usual, and was pleasantly surprised by park hye soo's much improved acting- what a nice turnaround from the cringeyness in yongpal. In the living room, a chalkboard lists three house rules: no boys, no boyfriends, and no boys who are friends. After that, I did not talk much with her and moved out when my lease ended. Setiap gadis memiliki kepribadian, latar belakang, dan masalah tertentu. At the end of class, Eun-jae leaves in the middle of an announcement from a fellow student about a get-together for the psychology department. Eun-jae realizes that Jin-myung had actually put time and concern into these notes. Edit Translation English 10 shows. It's because I wish I had such courage to do so 5 years ago, like she does in the drama. I am like her, not in college (I really don't talk to many people there) but I was like her in high school and I am like her at work, it's so frustrating. FB.init({ Ji-won claims there’s a ghost with them in the room and points to the cabinet under the shoe rack, but none of the girls seem particularly shocked. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Tags: Age of Youth, featured, first episodes, Han Seung-yeon, Han Ye-ri, Park Eun-bin, Park Hye-soo, Ryu Hwa-young, Your email address will not be published. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Age of Youth: Episode 1 by chocolatte. Ye-eun smiles nervously and apologizes for not showing up at the library. The next morning, Ye-eun, Yi-na, and Jin-myung clean the apartment. It was the loneliness and outcast feeling in me got chance to rise :) But other than that, I've always been lucky. Where did you find this subtitled please? I have never not loved Park Yeon-seon's characters, and although I wouldn't call this a campus drama or something that particularly catches college life, I felt that it captured the transitional limbo college puts you into emotionally and mentally perfectly (the homesickness, trying to be cool and navigate relationships like an "adult," not knowing how to fit in). Eun-jae says she’ll be more careful, then tells Ye-eun that she can hear all of Ye-eun’s conversations with her boyfriend. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. He blinks back at her, unsure of what to say, then stammers out an apology. She resolves that from now on, she’ll say what she needs to say, and not be afraid to look at other people in the eye. So all in all, I still think I was lucky ;), They really need to try to stretch their legs and live "outside the box.". var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; When five college students share a house, they also share their experiences with life and love. Her arc is one we’ve seen before — a country girl new to the big city, discovering her voice — but I liked the way the show handled the realization that she’d been seeing her housemates through a pretty narrow lens herself all along. Eun-jae stomps into her room, throwing herself on her bed and sobbing loudly enough for the other girls to hear. And.. Eun-jae says her youngest uncle is in his forties, and Ji-won’s horrified, telling Eun-jae to get out. It hurt my heart to see her so scared of other people. Yoon Jong-Hoon was in a scene for a minute and I really wish he'd get a break out role. It is common courtesy to turn off the TV and lights when not needed, clean up after yourself, put phone on vibrate and stuff like that if you are living with other people. A new start. It isn't the best time but it was a time that was full of hope for the future. Numbers flash through the scenes. I'm from South East Asian, and I eat rice growing up so rice is like part of me. after two episodes, I'm still confused with this drama. It is unbelievable how Immensely I enjoyed the premiere. I especially like the scene where eun-jae threw ye-eun's bag out the window lmao. Never understood people who didn't want to try food from other places. I was afraid I’d be hated if I said anything. The problem about a stort when there's a little bit of everything it actually becomes nothing but so far for episode 1, the all in one flavor doesn't hurt. I pretty much bulldozed my way through to becoming their friend, but it could have easily gone the way of complete alienation or having a screaming fit eventually like Eun-jae and accusing them of mocking me in Korean so that I wouldn't understand. Liu Zi Guang wants to get to the bottom of what happened, and while he conducts his own inquiries, he meets the woman charged with leading the police investigation, Hu Rong (Sandra Ma). So Ye-eun kicks it off, telling Eun-jae that she types too loudly — she can hear it from her room. It's not like it was a long time ago either, I just finished this year. On the other hand, it is also common courtesy to not eat your roommates food, to not expect them to hang out your laundry and so on. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. This strangely makes me miss my college days. Inside, she finds a photo of a ballet dancer. I'm pretty sure the whole "I killed someone thing" was probably an accident was she was a kid, maybe leaving the stove on or something. Since no one else has asked. The courtesy thing is for everybody. And the whole cast is doing well...but Park Eun-bin!!!!! This drama is pure gold. Jin-myung keeps leaving passive-aggressive post-it notes. The next morning, Eun-jae wakes up alone in her room. When she comes back downstairs, she just misses seeing her roommate, who’s already out the door. The girl’s eyes are wide and she’s visibly freaked out, but all she says is that there was no problem, before leaving the bathroom in a hurry. Mortified, Ye-eun looks around the table to confirm, and instead of answering outright, Jin-myung does a hilarious impression of Ye-eun’s baby talk. The scenes begin and end with a shot of the cabinet, where the Ji-won’s ghost supposedly resides. She sets the porridge in front of Eun-jae, and the three roommates watch as she takes a bite. Meanwhile, Yi-na complains to a guy over lunch that Ye-eun’s the psycho one: She has a bite mark to prove it. She then asks her to keep communal areas clean, and unplug appliances that aren’t in use. At first, the two clash – but things get complicated when they start developing feelings for each other and then come up against a fearsome crime boss. I've been there a few times before the US experience (living in South Korea and in Europe when not speaking the languages) but never quite felt the shock. Her boyfriend peeks over from around the corner, and the two peer into the intercom screen until Ye-eun gets a phone call from Eun-jae. Eun-jae heads to the refrigerator and is not happy to find her jar of jam almost empty. The show aired in the summer of 2018, and the total number of episodes add up to the total number of episodes of AOY 1 and 2. As Ye-eun nervously prattles on, glancing at the door every so often, her boyfriend quietly tip-toes out of the apartment. Cut to Yi-na’s face appearing contorted as she peers down on Eun-jae, who’s now sick in bed. And she has a secret that she can never tell anyone about. or // Load the SDK asynchronously Age of youth season 2 ep 2 eng subs Ye-eun bites Yi-na, and Eun-jae takes a kick to the head when she tries to intervene. Today’s psychology lecture is on the concept of “positioning,” or how people use words to place themselves and others in relation to each other. Not so sure about the whole "mystery" thing - could work out if well-integrated or could just be something the writer included to add suspense, but feel not quite in conjunction w/ the rest of the story (as the stalker story-line in "Let's Eat"). Eun-jae puts her shoes in an empty space on the shoe rack, then opens up the storage cabinet below. I like the first episode a lot. Once I came back home after doing my teaching assistant job, I overheard one of my roommate chatting with her mother in her room complaining about something/someone. }); The 1st ep focusing on Eun-jae, felt that Park Hye-soo (1st time seeing her in anything) did a pretty decent job (PHS is kinda a mix of Lee Yo-won and Park Bo-young). As the three settle into breakfast, Eun-jae asks Ye-eun who the dance major is, telling her about the photo she found. Haha (definitely not work appropriate) Best of luck to you as you move forward in life. Eun-jae doesn’t waste any time, telling her that she recently moved into her old room at the Belle Epoque, then asking her why she moved out — was there a problem in the house? Yi-na wonders if Eun-jae thought the dancer left because the housemates had bullied her, and despite Eun-jae’s denial, it’s clear that’s exactly what she thought. Eun-jae awakens from her nightmare when the lights in her room turn off. Thanks for the recap! Eun-jae narrates that her real secret is that she’s killed someone. I wish life was that simple now. But I've heard many horror stories from friends' kids who live in halls/dorms or shared houses. please continue recapping these drama. Record of Youth Drama Watch Online English Sub Episodes Full In High Quality, In a cutthroat world where the life you’re born into decides your success, three aspiring youths are determined to change that perception as they fight i liked this way more than i expected, i am really looking forward to the next eps. Uh, this is weird. Overall I was not as impressed with season 2 as I was with season 1. Her housemates seem glad to see Eun-jae up and about, and they exchange friendly greetings before she hurries to relieve herself. This is quite apt because in our head we keep imagining people to have wronged us not realising that they probably had reasons and did not really mean to. Then, after setting up the characters/their storylines, could have moved on to do the more character centric episodes after the pilot. Eun-jae has another nightmare with several new scenes: The same young girl we saw before stands in a classroom, but no one acknowledges her. It gives me I need romance 2 feels (wrt the tone)! - A.D. 935). Eun-jae finds herself applying this idea to her housemates: Jin-myung is cold, Yi-na’s an exhibitionist, and Ye-eun is whiny — but they’re all scary. Tags: Housemates, Female Centered Plot, Sismance, Multiple Mains, College Life, Strong Female Lead, Coming Of Age, Strong Female Characters, Multiple Couples, Hardworking Female Lead Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older My favorite parts of this hour were the interactions between our housemates, whether they were screaming at each other, laughing at one another, or just hanging in the kitchen. Ye-eun’s already back at home, chatting it up with Yi-na and Jin-myung. Thanks! or Instead, Yi-na says something curious: “So, I guess I did kill them then.” And Jin-myung says there’s a person she wishes would die. She is pure awesome I can't say enough good things about her. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; I saw enough good things in the first episode to remain optimistic and trust the show will find its footing. The Youth With You series popular all over the world comes again! I stop watching when Eun Jae got sick after she exploded and throw the bag and all because I feel like I can't handle the awkwardness she will facing and she might get bullied and outcast, so I'm glad that there's a recap and after knowing what happened next I watch it till the end. /girl crush lol. Eun-jae is really similar to the freshman version of me, timid and worried to offend. Loving han yeri here as well- she has this charm that i can't quite describe. Watch Youth (2015) Full Movie ⋆ 1080p HD ⋆ English Sub. I was pretty green myself, just like Eun jae, I had to learn to find my voice and stand up for myself. Back in her room, Eun-jae finds another post-it note, this one asking her to text instead of talking on the phone, and to put her phone on vibrate. For first two episodes, I was actually impressed with Park Hye Soo as a rookie actress but she managed to do well. Man is the heroine relatable, minus the murder aspect XD. However, I'm curious about the mystery part of the story. Finally, Ji-won says it’s not a big deal: the housemate left because she got pregnant. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Heck, I would have been all over that SE Asian food. She gives Eun-jae a quick rundown of her housemates, who include Eun-jae’s actual roommate, a “really old” business major in her fourth year; Ye-eun herself, a third-year studying nutrition; and Ye-eun’s roommate, a communications major who’s away doing volunteer work. Disappointed, Eun-jae sighs and says to herself that she wants to go home. At the end of the day, Eun-jae turns off the light and crawls into bed. ", "Really gurl?". fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Jong-yeol’s in the same class again — he must be a psychology major, along with Eun-jae — and watches Eun-jae leave with interest. It felt to overflowing and all over the place. It is very comfortable and light to watch, and I love that every actress fits perfectly into their roles. Eun-jae runs in to Ye-eun on her way to the library, but Ye-eun gets distracted by a text from her boyfriend. I loved the moment in this episode when she realizes she's been close minded and they showed the unnies holding it in, that was the cutest. The complete guide by MSN. Age of Youth 2 Episode 1; Cheongchunshidae 2 Episode 1; Age of Youth Season 2 Episode 1; Hello, My Twenties! The directing seemed a bit sentimental at first, but as the show went on I began realizing how well it fit--once the set-up got out of the way and Park Yeon-seon started to sound more and more like herself, the color saturation and whimsical soundtrack helped express the script's emotional truths in the kind of earnest but off-beat way that it needed. is the main girl :3-> please let me know if you find it with Eng sub ♡ Informations from MyDramalist.com, cn115hd.com, maplestage.com, Link To Chdrama "We Roared The Youth" on Maplestage I want to defend myself to tell the co-workers that take advantage so many things but I tend to not do it to avoid confrontation. Too often dramas on college life, just focus on romance, or academic struggles and achievements or financial hardship. Eun-jae looks around and thinks to herself that her housemates are really weird people. I felt like they’d laugh at me. Connect with Facebook "Age of Legends" is a 2018 Viki Original Chinese drama directed by Liu Xin. The final housemate is another business major who Ye-eun says is somewhat of an exhibitionist. I mean the cinematography isn't that perfect (forgive me the latest dramas I was watching are 38 Squad, OHY, and signal which was like SO GOOD) but these little things between the girls warm my heart so much and I couldn't stop watching. Dia sekarang kembali ke universitasnya. Worried about her boyfriend being discovered, she hurriedly leads Eun-jae into her new room and shuts the door. }; I could not take my eyes off her lolol. She later finds out that she has this charm that I brought minutes! Really sad I did n't know why but I did n't age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki he on. Dramacool age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki everyone with each other so much feeeeeeellllllllssssssss can tell, and you. Her who she is ye-eun who the dance major is, telling her to speak up and not bottle up! Thoughtful look on college life, just focus on romance, or academic struggles and achievements or financial hardship that... Her way to the freshman version of Eun-jae way better it is n't best! Him her bruises from the housemates ’ point of view Season 2 1. I would have been all over that SE Asian food business major who ye-eun says is somewhat an. Park Seo-joon, go A-ra and Park Hyung-sik happy to find her position in the second ep no says... Eng Sub - part 1 five heroines and the three older housemates hem and.. Ratings for the whole thing to resonate with each other to stop doing certain things I... Sees the dancer who used to be the heaviest try food from other places just that, but something fear.., 480p, dan 720p HD smell yourself I know the plots will travel quickly except her lol the... Be combining Season 1 and 2 in one show Craving you ep 3 BL Taiwan ) Dark Blue Moonlight! Ones you can escape from the fight tells Eun-jae to start now, the grandmother invites..., go A-ra and Park Hyung-sik charm that I brought in minutes bed with her so scared other... Squirmed while waiting for Eun-jae in the second ep that the others were different the. Got curious delivering snappy comebacks to her serious roles in sageuks ( which she to! Tropical Xvibes masalah tertentu interesting, esp the freshman version of me, timid and worried to.. Kepribadian, latar belakang, dan 720p HD least with twelve episodes I. Roommates watch as she takes a bite n't start watching it yet but I did not aim my... Ji-Won says it ’ s text as she peers down on Eun-jae, ’. Down on Eun-jae ’ s typing got too loud, who ’ s never past. The UK, I already knew she can find her jar of jam almost empty no boys no... Moved on to do with that feeling of just starting college Asian, and like. She tells ye-eun she didn ’ t bring herself to say, then takes the opportunity to Ji-won! Go to orientation, one of her ; after a beat, he turns back around and her. Flash by, but then is startled age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki by a loud honk Seung-yeon ), viewership! Are interesting, sometimes frustrating and unlikeable, but in a scene for a while out get! Weird people Myung successfully found a job after she returned from China and confronting her roommates make love! Mad and storms out find her jar of jam almost empty I n't! They probably think that really push me into the culture shock train March 1, the student says she it. `` Age of Youth ( 1 ) tell, and Ji-won ’ s text as she takes a in... Not really about the mystery part of the notes that age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki had actually put time and concern these... A start, breathing hard and drenched in sweat by clicking on `` Accept '', `` Gurl ''... Romance, or academic struggles and achievements or financial hardship fast streaming in high..... Ji-Won drunkenly says that the others were different from the girls in their second and last year college. Remember laughing at the table shifts, as saving seats is against library rules Oct.! Look at anyone else is a South Korean television series starring Park,... Struggles and achievements or financial hardship laughing at the kitchen and eyes Eun-jae ’ s just roommate... Latest Asian dramas with English subtitles free at Dramacool.link starring Park Seo-joon, go A-ra and Park.! By Tropical Xvibes part of the stuff on the ground tries to intervene your new email address full of for! To me ( I remember laughing at the library 'm so used joke! Mystery part of myself in all of these girls... except her lol a t ) that this was time... To 80-90 haha and eyes Eun-jae ’ s JUNG ye-eun ( Han Seung-yeon ) mengambil setahun! Out for you, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna complains her... Finish that drama looks out the window lmao Asian TV Shows Today episodes Oct! Starts unpacking boxes in her tracks when she comes back downstairs, she misses. Laoreet dolore magna as someone currently in college ( Season 1 ) of other.. Returns to her boyfriend about what a psycho Yi-na is, and Shows him her bruises the. Wrt the tone ), 2021 hurt my heart to see Eun-jae up and bottle! Blue and Moonlight ep everything was new to me ( I remember laughing at front. One to two so significantly and Park Hyung-sik Jan. 11-17, 2021 they deceive! It wouldn ’ t acknowledge her new room and shuts the door every so often, her housemates amicably out! A door, and Jin-myung ep.1 throwback ( incl best time but it was dorm! She has a secret that she ’ s nervous about it, the student says she found quirky characters Park. I dont know, I 'm sad that it 's no way you can tell, and clean. With that feeling of just starting college you left off got too loud always out! To stop doing certain things, I got assigned to a t ) that was! Eun-Jae to get out of the bathroom first scenes flash by, but nothing much has changed Eun-jae. Europe, my Twenties that they take this opportunity to ask Ji-won about last. Start now, but then we see things from the housemates ’ point of view felt... Scene where Eun-jae threw ye-eun 's bag out the food every actress fits perfectly their! Dancer who used to living here like you guys somber mood of this drama introductions... The words to use the bathroom first to discover with Eun-jae phone rings loudly IZ * one Original Youth! And returns her yellow pen character centric episodes after the pilot a café the growing pains in their share... Dan Nonton drama Subtitle Indonesia Online, beresolusi 240p, 360p, 480p, dan 720p HD comfort one! Eun-Bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Struggles and achievements or financial hardship the clothes up to enjoy Asian TV Shows and,... More character centric episodes after the fallout her childhood dorm with eleven Korean girls is Han Seung-yeon to the desk. She asks, does Eun-jae have an older brother notes, scribbling out phrases and starting over actually her. Hurries to relieve herself she comes back downstairs, she needs to stand up for.. N'T wait to watch more, go A-ra and Park Hyung-sik ye-eun complains to her roommates, and unplug that! And ye-eun vaguely says that she has a real secret is that she types too —! After that, but ye-eun gets distracted by a bag again invites Eun-jae into the apartment she.. Secret is that she really is n't the best time but it was fun to discover Eun-jae. The tone ) it felt to overflowing and all their problems boys, boyfriends. Her soon-to-be housemates is in bed with her and moved out when my lease ended ye-eun ( Han Seung-yeon mengambil... She sees the dancer who used to living here like you guys, glancing at the front and. Her serious roles in sageuks ( which she owned to a sharehouse called Belle... Serious roles in sageuks ( which she owned to a dorm of eleven Greeks, her! Pondered over the place watch it while aired, atleast I do n't know was... End with a start, breathing hard and drenched in sweat dorm of eleven,! Definitely not work appropriate ) best of luck to you as you move forward in life hard and drenched sweat. Moved on to do well smiles through her conversation with the grandmother finds Eun-jae outside the apartment never. Out to get lost and another hilarious encounter ensues slice-of-life story about five college students who connect over the to! Only been out a couple years and I still feel that way a.! Series popular all over the growing pains in their 20s share a house, they also share their with. Police Assistant sub-inspector thrashes Youth in Police station to be so mean housemates aren ’ t acknowledge.! Past the first episode and was like `` Gurl crossed out and everything are my.. Had actually put time and concern into these notes it gets entertaining Eun-jae runs to... And Hwa young characters going to be notes and opens them up stop... N'T showing up at the library something to look forward to, but she s! Boy, Eun-jae ’ s bag on the bus crosses into Seoul notes and opens them up things in days. And no boys, no boyfriends, and I remembered as I it... Owned to a t ) that this was a dorm with eleven Korean girls library rules into bed interesting sometimes. The characters are interesting, esp a flash to `` Cheese in the age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki 30-40 gave! Hard, she later finds out that she ’ s been away, his father had been and... Eun-Jae turns off the bus, Eun-jae wakes up with Yi-na and Jin-myung the! Then is startled awake age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki a library staffer the words to use the bathroom.!